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Convatec Infusion Care

Convatec Infusion Care is a leading manufacturer of infusion sets. Since the 1980’s the company has sold millions of infusion sets worldwide every year for use with continuous subcutaneous drug delivery. Convatec Infusion care is a franchise of ConvaTec and located in Denmark.

Our neria™ infusion sets have been drug compatibility tested with drugs for the following diseases; Pain Management, Parkinson’s Disease, Thalassemia and Primary Immune Deficiency. Our success is based on a high degree of innovation supported by user-friendliness and superior quality. All over the world users benefit from the Convatec infusion sets improving their quality of life and treatment options. Please visit www.neria.com for more information on the neria™ infusion set product line, including instruction videos and brochure materials.

SAGE is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and a growing suite of library products and services. Driven by the belief that social and behavioral science has the power to improve society, we focus on publishing impactful research and enabling robust research methodology. We produce high quality educational resources that support instructors to prepare the citizens, policy makers, educators and researchers of the future. We publish more than 1,000 journals and 900 new books globally each year, as well as library products and services that include archives, data, case studies and video. SAGE is majority owned by our founder, Sara Miller McCune, and after her lifetime will become owned by a charitable trust that secures the company’s continued independence. Our mission is building bridges to knowledge – supporting the development of ideas through the research process to scholarship that is certified, taught, and applied.

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