Science Slam 2020

Forget the PowerPoint and get out the juggling balls: EAPC Science Slam 2020

In order to find the most talented Palliative Care science communicators, participants of this years Palliative Slam have three minutes to convince the audience with an exciting and engaging talk that can be understood by the general public, using only props.

The format of the Science Slam is especially suitable if you want to present a new project. You get the chance to explain individual aspects or fundamentals of your project – the audience will literally experience science as it unfolds. You can present individually or as a team.  

Last year’s contestants presented a variety of topical issues in innovative ways: amusing, creative, sometimes poignant, always respectful, and hard-hitting: 

  • Yakubu Salifu, UK: ‘Prostate Cancer’  
  • Zana Bayley, UK: Poem ‘Research it is!’  
  • Marie Friedel, Belgium: ‘Spice of life’ – Paediatric Palliative Care 
  • Christina Gerlach and Crew, Germany: The ‘Surprise Question!’ 
  • Berend Feddersen, Germany: ‘ACP – Ask the rabbit!’ (winner)
Photographs: © Arts in Palliative Care, Supported by Charité Stiftung

How to participate

Produce and submit a three-minute-video using the entry box on the bottom of this page or to by email to

Contributions will be published on the congress platform. Submission will be accepted up until 6 October when voting goes live. Congress registrants will judge your entry based on two criteria:

  • Did I have fun?
  • Did I learn something? 

Presenters of the five highest-rated performances will be invited to participate in a live Science Slam on Thursday 8 October with the chance to win a great prize!

Submit your entry below or email