The EAPC Research Network (EAPC RN) was founded in 1996 by Franco de Conno and has been central in establishing pan-European multicentre studies. The EAPC World Research Congresses have been arranged every other year since 2000. Following the inaugural congress in Berlin, it has expanded in terms of delegates and submitted abstracts, and is now considered the most important meeting place for palliative care researchers. Cutting edge research from a variety of professions is presented and discussed at the congress, but just as important are the many informal meetings taking place outside the lecture halls.

The World Research Congress of the EAPC has expanded greatly in terms of registered delegates and submitted abstracts since its inaugural meeting in 1000. More than 2000 delegates from all over the world are expected to travel to the Palermo Congress 2020.

The congress is a global forum for interdisciplinary research and professional interchange. A broad range of delegates attended previous congresses, including physicians, nurses, researchers, allied health and social care professionals. On average, 60% of delegates are physicians. More information about the previous Research Congresses of the EAPC can be found at